Losses of 2016

The past year was filled with well known people passing away that we will all miss collectively. On a personal level, I lost my aunt that passed due to a blockage and one of my best friends due to cancer. One of my in-laws also passed due to age as it was her time to go. These people will be greatly missed and for the family members, the holidays reflected the effect of their absence. We never know when the people in our lives will leave us, so make the time with them count. Let them know how you feel about them while their  alive because they won’t be able to read their headstones or hear the eulogy spoken over them.


2017 A New Year to make changes

Yes, we all decide to make resolutions for ourselves when a new year starts. Usually within two months we all (most of us) abandon our resolutions. I didn’t have one planned for last year since I was still working on projects from the previous year. This year I will be making a plan/resolution since I’ve been currently living in my present location for the past 10 years. Also, still in the same position at work and its past due on moving forward career wise. So, these (along with others) will be the plans that I will be working on this year to make these changes possible.

I wish everyone a very “Happy New Year”!

First blog post

Due to the recent election, some of my co-workers that had voted for Hilary, have been upset with the rest of us since they feel that we all should have voted for her. I’ve seen the violence on TV or in news reports about people causing trouble as a result of Donald Trump winning. As for my co-workers, whether we voted for Trump or another candidate is our business and right to do so. I don’t understand this mindset when these actions weren’t taken when Obama was elected to office. People need to understand that either candidate could have been elected but the electoral college chose Mr. Trump. Enough ranting about the election.